This publication is an attempt to explore the interfacing and comparison between cooperatives and social enterprises from two distinctive and complementary angles: governance and normative framework.

Indeed, only with clear governance rules is there a guarantee that social enterprises can deliver their goods not only today but also tomorrow and in a sustainable way without altering their mission. On the other hand, a specific normative framework seems to be needed to guarantee such delivery over the long term; since many social enterprises claim to do social inclusion, it is essential to examine up to which depth they actually include people in society.

The book provides the result of an analysis and comparative legislation work spanning three years, beginning with the preparation of the seminar held in Manchester (Social enterprises and worker cooperatives - Comparing models of corporate governance and social inclusion, November 2006), and culminating with the European Commission conference on social enterprises, where Felice Scalvini, president of CECOP-CICOPA Europe made the conclusions as requested by the European Commission itself.

The book comes up with common denominators among pieces of legislations in 11 EU member states.

“Cooperatives and Social Enterprises – Governance and normative frameworks”
 ISBN: 9782960086126
148 pages
CECOP Publications 2009 (available in English and French)
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