Assembled with great passion and care, the 15 photographic montages, taken from the book of the same name, are a reflection of the incredible richness, diversity and modernity of worker cooperatives (known as “Scop” in France). “The 8th edition of the SSE month is really special this year”, says Patrick Lenancker, President of the General Confederation of Scop. “Following the adoption of the legislation on the SSE in July, the social and solidarity economy has attracted a great deal of attention and its aim is to change scale.

Indeed, a series of videos have been put together by the Parisian Scop, Possum, in order to illustrate how each provision contributes to this change of scale, including the provision which refers to “returning the power to act to the workers.” For more information about the exhibition, visit:

To discover the videos on the legislation in the SSE, visit: