An article from NAUWC 

The program of the former is dedicated for those who are responsible for financial and accounting management in cooperatives as well as for those who are responsible for management control in cooperatives. The target group in the latter constitute middle and senior managers who work in cooperatives of different activity profiles.

Post-graduate studies are about to start in November 2018 and February 2019 in different locations.

Both Krakow and Warsaw are considered in this respect. The lectures/workshops will be organized as extramural studies with the use of interactive e-learning method, including case studies, simulations and practical workshops led by experienced cooperative lecturers and trainers (for example: Mr Janusz Paszkowski, Ms Anna Bulka, Mrs Joanna Brzozowska-Wabik, Ms Katarzyna Kaźmierska).

Within the framework of cooperation with universities, NAUWC also participates in organising internships and study visits for students in cooperatives, is involved in the launch of compulsory subjects on cooperatives in full-time studies, too.