On the 29th of January, the European Commission released the Transition Pathway for the EU mobility industrial ecosystem. This Transition Pathway aims at guiding and supporting the twin transition of the EU mobility industrial ecosystem. 

CECOP is glad to observe that the Transition Pathway for the EU mobility industrial ecosystem highlighted multistakeholder cooperatives as an example private-public partnerships of that could help the twin transition and enhance the resilience of the mobility ecosystem. The Transition Pathway also shed light on the  capacity of multistakeholder cooperatives to allow all the concerned stakeholders, such as workers, users and the community (i.e. municipalities, regions, national level public authorities etc..), contribute jointly to the capital and to the governance of the cooperative. 

CECOP participated in the roundtable discussion on the Transition Pathway for the mobility Ecosystem in November 2022. We voiced the need for the recognition of cooperatives and their contribution toward sustainable mobility in the Transition Pathway report. 

You can read our full contribution in this article.