As you can check on the calendar which we send regularly at the end of each CECOP Link, we will have an interactive training session on EU policies on 16 June 2008, which will include the OMC (Open Method of Coordination) and the National action plans on Social Inclusion (NAP-inclusion).

We intend to provide a general introduction on this session at the CECOP congress on 30 April. In order to prepare this work as efficiently as possible, we would like to have a preliminary consultation round with you on the OMC.

For this purpose, we would like to ask you four general questions.

Kindly take a few minutes to respond as soon as possible.
1/ How would you evaluate your general knowledge of the OMC, particularly the OMC linked to social policies (Inclusion - Social protection)?
2/ Depending on this general knowledge of the OMC, are you (or not) aware of the implications of the OMC mechanism and of the impact of the OMC on national level i.e. in your states?
3/ If relevant, do you have information to transfer to us on the actual involvement (or non-involvement) of your organisations in the OMC procedure? More specifically, are you included in consultations carried out by relevant ministries (Labour, Social affairs, Economy, etc.) on the design and follow-up of NAPs-inclusion?
4/ If you have general knowledge of the OMC and consider yourselves sufficiently involved in the process, could you give us critical judgement on your national experiences?

Sébastien Albanese *