In an article that appeared on 1 February, “Le Monde” highlighted not only the fact that cooperatives in France achieve better economic results than conventional companies, but also their capacity to survive the crisis. In June 2009, CICOPA had already drawn attention to cooperatives’ capacity to survive the crisis at a worldwide level in a report called “The impact of the crisis on cooperatives: a survey of CICOPA members.”

A new report, containing updated figures provided by its members, is due to be published during 2010. In an article on its website, the “L’Entreprise” magazine reminds the reader of the participative and democratic method of governance adopted by cooperatives.

The intention of the article is also to emphasise the way in which the worker buy-out of a company in the form of a cooperative may be an alternative to the closure of a company that does not have any successors or is in crisis. To read the Le Monde article, click here.

To read the l’Entreprise article, click here.