The CECOP family wishes to express its solidarity with the cooperatives and communities hit by the recent devastating floods and storms that have struck the region of Emilia-Romagna in Italy.  

The situation in Emilia-Romagna is dire, with widespread destruction, loss of homes, infrastructure damage, and displacement of countless individuals and families. The floodwaters have caused significant disruption to businesses and cooperatives, leaving many struggling to recover and resume operations. 

We join and share our member organizations' fundraising initiatives to assist in providing much-needed relief and aid to the affected cooperatives and communities in Emilia-Romagna.  

Legacoop Nazionale invites those who wish to do so to contribute via a specific account at Unicredit in the name of Legacoop Nazionale at the account number (IBAN) IT64T0200805038000106601844 along with the message: “Solidarietà Emilia Romagna” 

The funds will be allocated, after identifying the priority areas for intervention with local administrators, to projects that will allow, in particular, the restoration of public facilities compromised by the flooding, to facilitate a return to normality as quickly as possible.  

Confcooperative Romagna also created an ad hoc account number (IBAN) IT25G0854223700000000731028 where funds can be transferred along with the message: “Confcooperative Romagna per le cooperatrici e i cooperatori alluvionati”. 

Your contributions will go towards addressing the urgent needs of those impacted.  

Already many have shown their generosity, however, the path out of the emergency is still long. By standing together and extending a helping hand, we can make a tangible difference in their recovery process.


Picture: BBC (2023, May 17). Italy floods: F1 Imola race cancelled as deadly deluge sparks evacuations in Emilia-Romagna. Retrieved on May 31, 2023.