On the occasion of the 2020 International Day of People with Disabilities, Social Economy Europe (SEE) published its new guide “Social Economy on the full inclusion of people with disabilities".

CECOP is an active member since 2018 of SEE’s working group on Social Economy & Disability.

Over the last year, the working group has been collecting best practices for the social inclusion of people with disabilities across Europe. Among these best practices, two cooperatives that are affiliated with CECOP members are highlighted: Adelante Dolmen in Italy, and TPK Mara Dencheva in Bulgaria.

CECOP congratulates Social Economy Europe on the publication and both cooperatives for being featured as best practices. Supporting the integration and full inclusion of people with disabilities through work or by providing services is one of our core missions, and CECOP will continue to work to hard for it to become a reality in Europe!

Read the full guide here.