In its suggestions (page 17), the report “believes that cohesion mechanisms should promote the social economy and include adequate social services which, as well as being a source of employment, help to achieve a balance between personal and family life and work, which is specially beneficial to the promotion of employment for women, and therefore helps to overcome social exclusion by accompanying support measures”. The cooperative sector is thus concerned. The point, at the national level, is to check the presence of delegates in the members list of the “Regi” Commission in order to possibly get in touch with them and to let them know the interest of their initiative, to thank them and to let them know that we, as cooperative organisations, are ready to give them all the information they would consider useful on this issue. To see the list of MP's members of the REGI's Commission, please click here. Eventually, it would be interesting to analyse this report in general ‘interest services' point of view. Indeed it would be useful that the opinion of the cooperatives - considered as part of the social economy - is heard.