This September marks the conclusion of the EMEN (European Migrant Entrepreneurship Network) project, which started in 2017. Over the course of three years, the network brought together 12 partners and over 150 organizations working on migrant entrepreneurship. CECOP congratulates its partners on the successful conclusion of this important project and is looking forward to the exciting work of the project partners in the future. 
During the final conference of the Project, CECOP President Guiseppe Guerini highlighted the importance of worker and social cooperatives and the social economy in the inclusion of vulnerable groups in our societies. Cooperatives and social economy enterprises, based on active and democratic participation, facilitate equal access to services and work opportunities for disadvantaged groups, such as migrants and refugees. By providing work and ensuring access to social services, they not only allow successful inclusion but foster a life in dignity.

CECOP, Diesis Network, and REVES contributed to the final report “Inclusive Ecosystems: towards a comprehensive support scheme for migrant entrepreneurs in Europe” with a chapter on “Social Economy and Social Entrepreneurship: the role of social economy enterprises in supporting migrant entrepreneurs”, which analyses the support that social economy gives to migrant entrepreneurship. 

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