Since 2007, he has been General Director of ANCPL, the sectoral organisation of Legacoop for industrial cooperatives. He succeeds to Felice Scalvini who has recently been elected co-president of Cooperatives Europe. Felice Scalvini had been president of CECOP for the last 14 years, a period that saw historical changes in Europe, and that was marked by a profound transformation of the institutional architecture of the international cooperative movement, to which he himself contributed.

At his election, Rossano Rimelli declared: "Being president of CECOP means having the important duty to represent the whole organisation.

But the activity of the organisation itself requires the involvement of most members. I am also convinced of the fact that, beyond the cooperative sector in which one evolves, what we do must be seen as an entrepreneurial activity. In Italy, Spain, France and many other countries in Europe, cooperatives have a great competitive capacity, at both national and international levels, and facts show that cooperation can be done in many different ways.

In this time of crisis, cooperatives can make a difference in front of other more lucrative forms of enterprises”.