This network has for vocation to become a space of exchanges, of capitalisation, productions and transmission to develop a community of trainers and of accompanists to the social economy.

This network encourages cooperation between organisations of the social economy, universities and training organisms.

It is open to physical and moral people who commit themselves on principles of reciprocity and subsidiarity, seek the development and the recognition of entrepreneuriat in social economy through training, research and cooperative pedagogy.

A European resource centre is being implemented within the framework of this network for the training of entrepreneurs in Social and Solidarity Economy.

This “space” offers educational resources, produced or mobilised through the process of research, capitalisation, mutualisation, diffusion, and exploitation of the practices and innovating instruments.

5 years of cooperation, notably through Leonardo Da Vinci programs, allowed the partners to capitalise the knowledge on the capacity profile of the social economy entrepreneur, on the institutional and legal contexts of social economy of the different country partners, allowed to produce educational resources and to start a reflection on the practices and instruments of cooperative pedagogy.

Actors currently involved in the project of network:
Federations of social economy and representing the sector: CGSCOP (Fr), S.A.W (Be), COCETA, CEPS (E), INSCOOP (P), as well as CECOP Universities and organisms of formation: EPFC of the University of Brussels / ULB (B), the National Grouping of Cooperative Colleges (F), Cooperative College (GB), ENAIP (I), the university of Coimbra, INDEG (P).

The project of network is supported by the MACIF Foundation, the PACA region (F), the Piemonte region (I).

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