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01 Mar 2023 News Publication Position paper Event EaSI / ESF+ programme

Find out more about our advocacy on the topic of platform work. In recent years CECOP has worked hard to raise awareness on the challenges workers face on platforms, and the cooperative solutions available.

In recent years, CECOP has worked hard to raise awareness on the challenges faced by platform workers. Throughout multiple campaigns, policy papers, and events, CECOP has advocate for platform cooperatives and cooperative solutions. Discover our work on the Platform Work Directive and our campaign on non-standard employment and platform work. Happy reading!

Advocacy on the Platform Work Directive

On the 8th of December 2021, the European Commission proposed a Platform Work Directive to improve the working condition in the platform economy. Cooperatives have shown their unique capabilities to create standard and secure work in the platform economy.

The efforts done by CECOP on this topic:

On June 2023, the EPSCO Council of the European Union adopted with a qualified majority its position on the Platform Work Directive.

Read our reaction here


In Febuary, 2023, the European Parliament's EMPL committee voted on the Platform Work Directive. They came out in support of cooperatives and fair competition!



Find our reaction here!


At the beginning of 2023, the EMPL adopted its report on the Platform Work Directive, the report recognizes cooperatives.


Read more on it here!


In December, 2023, CECOP collaborated with ETUC on an event dedicated to fair competition, worker rights and real self-employment. The event was organised in the light of the Platform Work Directive.


Find out more about the Joint Event here!


In the fall of 2023, CECOP signed a letter calling for more ambition in the Platform Work Directive.


Read the full Joint Letter here!


In 2022, CECOP published a position paper calling for a level playing field for cooperatives, and to combat the abusive practices, which are prevalent in the digital sector.


Read the Position Paper here!


During the EU Industry Days, CECOP highlighted the contributions cooperatives make to the green and digital transition.



You can find more information here!


In December, 2021, the Commission unveiled their proposal for a Platform Work Directive. 



Read CECOP's initial reaction here!



Campaign "All for One"

In 2020 we launched our campaign on non-standard employment, and platform work. Here you can discover our work on this topic:

Our reaction to the commission's consultation: Cooperatives fight for better working conditions in platform work

In March, 2021, the European Commission launched its first stage social partners consultation on improving the working conditions in platform work. 



Read our reaction here!


In December, 2020, we published our docuseries on non-standard and platform work. The series consists of 3 episodes which you can find here, or you can watch below:

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3


In December, 2020, we also organised a conference on the topic of non-standard employment and platform work. 


Read the report on the conference here!


See the invite to the conference here!


In the fall of 2020, several papers were published that draw attention to how cooperatives help shape the digital transformation. You can check them out here and here.

In the summer of 2020, CECOP published a policy paper on non-standard employment and platform workers. The paper focused on the impact of the COVID-19 crisis.


Read the policy paper here!


CECOP lauched the campaign by publishing a report on non-standard and platform work "All for One". 


Read the report here!


The report was also translated to German.

Here you can find the translation


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