The conference was attended by the 3 main cooperative unions, the University of National and World Economy, the Economic and Social Council of the Republic of Bulgaria as well as the presidents of the two main trade unions in Bulgaria and the president of the employer's organisation.

The main reports were delivered by lecturers from the university cooperative management department. The foreign panellists invited included ICA president Ivano Barberini, Cooperatives Europe director Rainer Schlüter, and CECOP general secretary Bruno Roelants, as well as French worker cooperative Cheque Dejeuner's international department director Ivon Legrand and Coop Est board member Marcel Hipszman, also in charge of missions for the president of ESFIN-IDES, a member of CECOP.

They also had met the Bulgarian President, the President of the Parliament Mr Georgi Pirinski and the President of the Bulgarian economic and social council, Mr Lalko Dulevski. On 7 July, Ivano Barberini and Bruno Roelants had an in-depth meeting with the 3 cooperative Unions, which are studying the possibility of constituting together an association.

The collection of the scientific reports and the contributions made during the conference will