Among the partners of the project, we find educational institutions such as the French Groupement des Collèges Coopératifs and the UK Cooperative College.

We also find CECOP member organisations such as CGSCOP and COCETA, as well as educational institutions linked to CECOP members, such as Artifex linked to Romanian member UCECOM.

The UK Cooperative College itself is linked to CECOP member Cooperatives UK.

At the Manchester meeting, the partners reviewed the resource centre on the internet website being launched and prepared the second phase of the project. They also visited the Rochdale Pioneer museum on international cooperative day (1st July). The project partners organise an open seminar in Lyon on 15 September 2006.

We would encourage the various educational institutions and specialists linked to CECOP member organisations that are interested by the UCE concept to attend this seminar. Interpretation will be ensured between French and English.

You can e-mail CECOP at if you are interested, and we will forward your e-mail to the organisers.