There are still few places available for the 2017 edition of the social cooperatives international school!In order to allow more cooperators to be part of this remarcable opportunity of training and exchange, the deadline has been postponed to the 15 of September! Among the eminent speaker that will participate in this edition:
Ulla Engelmann, Head Unit of Clusters, Social Economy and Entrepreneurship at the European Commission;
Alessandro Martemucci, CEO of the agency Officinae and expert in communication and social cooperation;
Karmele Acedo, CEO of the cooperative Integrated Social Service Group in Spain;
Letizia Piangerelli
, expert on innovation strategy;
the data journalist Barbara D’Amico and many others…

Furthermore, on Friday 20th October, the courses will be hosted by Fuori di Zucca, a social farm managed by the labour integration social cooperative (type B social cooperative in Italy) “Un fiore per la vita” employing disadvantaged people, mainly people suffering drugs addiction and people with mental disorders. Under Section 2, “How to communicate about social cooperatives” directed by Alessandro Martemucci, participants will have the opportunity to submit in advance their communication strategy, social media campaign or the brand of their cooperative. This material will be analyzed and discussed during the session, highlighting the points of strength and proposing possible developments. Organized by Federsolidarietà (the largest federation of social cooperatives in Italy), the School, with a high entrepreneurial profile and an international spirit, is open to social cooperators from all over the world and specifically addressed to cooperatives’ managers, thinkers, and practitioners. Each training session will include a theoretic introduction on the topic, the presentation of best practices and a workshop to deepen different aspects of activities of social cooperatives:
Session 1 – Introduction: social cooperatives normative framework and best practices in the international context
Session 2 – How to communicate about social cooperatives
Session 3 – Social farming: social inclusion, work, educational services and more
Session 4 – Management and leadership in social cooperatives Seminar – Work, sharing economy, platforms – towards a cooperative approach? Surf the UPDATED PROGRAM & LOGISTIC INFORMATION to have the big picture of the #SCIS2017.

Complete the registration form and send it together with the payment proof to Deadline for registration: 15th September 2017 The 2016 edition was a great success and a unique opportunity for discussion and dialogue between 30 cooperative managers from Italy, Japan, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Slovenia, Bosnia, Kosovo and Turkey with a focus on local development, partnership between social cooperatives and conventional enterprises, financial instruments for the development of social cooperatives and the challenge of migrations. The 2015 edition took place in Milan in occasion of the EXPO. Here the video. For more information contact Valerio Pellirossi at Register by filling this form: