Thus, it made very much sense that Francesco should work on the new structural funds provisions during his internship at CECOP. His work, which will be available on our website from January, has been implemented with the support of the Secretariat and under the supervision of Jan Olsson, CECOP Vice-president and Marie Zvolska from SCMVD.

A meeting took place in Manchester with Jan Olsson for FKü and Marie Zvolska for SCMVD, Bruno Roelants and Guy Boucquiaux for CECOP, during which Francesco could explain the guidelines of his work within the framework of the CECOP Board proposal to create a working group on structural funds on the basis of a Swedish and Czech “hard core” composed of FKü and SCMVD. All the relevant skills on Structural Funds are more than welcomed if you want to contribute to the working group.

We would like to thank Francesco Ventura for the high quality of his work at CECOP, as well as for his kindness and availability

We have no doubt that he will pursue a successful career.