Last February, a Brazilian delegation, formed by cooperatives and government officials of Brazil’s Río Grande do Sul state, visited Uruguayan companies and established several agreements with government representatives from Uruguay.

Hence the collaboration that would involve various links of the textile chain based on recycled polymers. Classifiers cooperatives (recyclers), firstly from Brazil, would do the primary job of collecting plastic containers to transform them in clean sheet of polyethylene terephthalate (PET)-kind of clear plastic.

This would be the raw material needed by Coopima, an Uruguayan cooperative that would be in charge of producing the polyester fiber which would return to Brazil to be processed by Coopertextil, a self-managed textile spinning mill. This regional network would join and complement Justa Trama, a chain of fair trade fabric production and garment based in Brazil and involving about six companies.

Therefore, this provides a great opportunity, from a regional strategy, to provide jobs to several sectors of the Social Economy of both countries.