Upon the invitation of Mrs Jadranka Kosor, the Vice Prime Minister of the Croatian government and the Minister of the Family, Veteran's Affairs and Intergenerational Solidarity, at the round table also participated officials of the Slovak Union of Producer Cooperatives - Mr Pavel, its president and Mr Vincur, the chair of Auditing Commission. In her address, Mrs Jadranka Kosor, Croatian Vice Prime Minister stressed that the promotion of cooperatives of veterans belongs to the main tasks of the Ministry and the government is going to allocate a quite huge amount for their development.

The round table was also the occasion to sign the Framework Coperation Agreement between the Croatian Federation of Veteranś Cooperatives, represented by its president Mr Ivan Kumar and Slovak Union of Producer Cooperatives, represented by its president Mr Pavel. Both sides expressed their wish to cooperate in the field of consultancy, experience exchange, creation of conditions for establishing the mutual cooperation among their member cooperative societies.

Slovak Union of Producer Co-operatives made a committment to provide its counterpart with the assistance in the fullfilment of the pre-accession conditions and during the integration into European co-operative structures. The presence of Croatian Vice Prime Minister at the significant moment underlined the importance of strengthening various forms of cooperation.