The event was organised by ISSAN, the Trento University research centre on social enterprises led by Prof Carlo Borzaga, and CECOP President Felice Scalvini was also a prominent speaker at the conference.

An extremely well-researched preparatory material compiled by Carlo Borzaga and Felice Scalvini was distributed to the participants. The conference was designed in a very open fashion, allowing different and sometimes contrasting points of view to be debated. Both the shortcomings inherent to this framework legislation (which will necessarily require complementary regulation) but also the opportunities it opened were discussed.

The prominent role played by the various components of Italian social cooperative movement, the strongest in the world, in this legislation process appeared very clearly in the various presentations.

The conference and its material are providing very useful inputs in the ongoing preparation of the CECOP European seminar “SOCIAL ENTERPRISES AND WORKER COOPERATIVES: comparing models of corporate governance and social Inclusion” (Manchester, 9 November).