The Social Economy Action Plan will be the most important tool of the European Commission to support Europe’s social economy in the years to come. With this workshop, we seek to identify the recommendations of social economy actors in Europe ahead of the upcoming action plan.  
With the participation of Mr. Gabriel Bastos, Portuguese Secretary of State for Social Security, this workshop will discuss the work of the Portuguese government during its Council presidency, and the perspective of social economy actors  
Given its broad scope, this workshop approaches the action plan from different perspectives: cooperativism and job creation, social inclusion from the work integration social enterprises perspective, circular economy, the role of the social economy in the recovery process and youth involvement, and Roma socio-economic empowerment. This multitude reflects the diversity of Europe’s Social Economy and sheds a light on the many challenges the action plan needs to address in synergies with other EU initiatives such as the European Pillar of Social Rights Action Plan. 
Speakers will include:  

  • Gabriel Bastos, Secretary of State for Social Security, Portugal
  • Patrizia Bussi, Director, and Aziza Yussupova, Policy Officer, European Network of Social Integration Enterprises (ENSIE)  
  • Diana Dovgan, Secretary General, European confederation of industrial and service cooperatives (CECOP)
  • Julija Kekstaite, Social Policy Officer, Reuse and Recycling Social Enterprises in the European Union (RREUSE)
  • Jan Meyrhofer, Senior Policy Officer, European Youth Forum (YJF) 
  • Amana Ferro, Senior Policy Adviser, European Roma Grassroots Organizations Network (ERGO Network) 


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