Follow the link to the September 2021 edition 


In this Edition:

CECOP policy work

  • CECOP-ENSIE hosted workshop at the Social Platform Flagship Conference 
  • CECOP study on non-standard employment translated into German
  • European Social Economy Summit: High visibility for worker and social cooperatives
  • EU Industrial Strategy Update: CECOP’s reaction & lessons from COVID crisis 
  • CECOP Secretary General speaks at Cooperatives Europe workshop on post-COVID recovery and gender equality 
  • CECOP welcomes new member from Slovenia – just as the Slovenian Presidency starts 
  • Stand Up for the Social Pillar Alliance: "A solidarity Action Plan for All" event 

Update from EU institutions and partners

  • Platform work INI Parliament & 2nd stage social partners’ consultation
  • Diesis and Centro Studi Doc Foundation host workshop on decent work through cooperative models 

Worth reading

  • ILO study on platform work
  • SME annual report




This bulletin has received financial support from the European Union Programme for Employment and Social Innovation EaSI (2014-2020)

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