On the 8th of June 2021, CECOP held its annual Congress and General Assembly. While the restrictions are lifting all over Europe, the event has held entirely online to ensure the safety of all members. 

The congress took place in the first part of the day, and a handful of topics were addressed. Hereunder you may find the highlights.

A new strategic plan

The members have adopted a new strategic direction for the 2021-2025 term. Built together with the members, it will consist mainly of three pillars: 

First pillar: To enable the environment for EU policies and legislation to be favorable for worker and social cooperatives 

Second pillar: To increase the visibility for worker and social cooperatives in Europe

Third pillar: To build a strong and democratically led network

As the world is still recovering from the COVID-19 crisis, its impact on cooperative and their resilience to it, could pose still a struggle. Other challenges such as the green and digital transition for cooperatives, their access to capital and youth engagement will shape the actions of the organisation in the next years. Additionally, the rise in non-standard employment and the ascension of platform cooperatives, will also demand attention and specific actions in the future.

You may find the full version here.  


Re-election of President and election of the new Board

The year 2021, not only sees a new strategic plan, but also new guidance, with a newly elected Board for the 2021-2025 term, and the re-election of the CECOP President.


The member’s votes confirmed the re-election of President Giuseppe Guerini, who will be staying for a second term of mandate. 



Additionally, members also casted their vote for the new CECOP Board, and the elected individuals are as follows: 

  • Janusz Paszkowski (NAUWC, Poland)
  • Bozhidar Todorov Stanchev (NUWPC, Bulgaria)
  • Antonio Martínez de Bujanda (COCETA, Spain)
  • Silvia Spadaro (Confecooperative Lavoro e Servizi, Italy)
  • Sevastiţa Grigorescu (UCECOM, Romania)
  • Siôn Whellens (Co-operatives UK)
  • Malena Riudavets (COCETA, Spain)
  • Joaquim Pequicho (Confecoop, Portugal)
  • Jarmo Hänninen (Coop Finland)
  • Francesca Montalti (Legacoop Produzione e Servizi, Italy)
  • Anne-Laure Desgris (SMART, Belgium)
  • Giuseppina Colosimo (AGCI Solidarietà, Italy)
  • Massimo Mota (AGCI PSL, Italy)


New member



A new member, CAAP Slovenia, was approved, and joined CECOP in the new category of “Network affiliates”.

CAAP has a long-standing relationship with CECOP, and the organization is pleased to have them on board as affiliates. 

Read their welcoming interview here.


Report of activity


Lastly, the secretariat presented the 2020 report of activity, that includes the highlights, activities, and challenges of the last year. You may read it here