Non-standard workers are becoming the new standard. This raises several concerns on ever-deteriorating labour rights and conditions, endangered decent income, access to social rights and collective representation.

Since the industrial revolution, worker-owned cooperatives respond to people’s needs to guarantee their employment. Many non-standard workers such as own-account workers, freelancers, and platform workers use the cooperative solutions to achieve more quality, job security, often access to social protection, and dignity in their work lives.

Following the publication of the ALL FOR ONE report, CECOP’s ALL FOR ONE Conference will look at what the “cooperative laboratory” across Europe came up with in order to face the adverse effects of non-standard employment.

Everyday forefront defenders of fair and quality work conditions for all workers, CECOP invites you to meet these new cooperatives who unite workers, and mutualise risks and solidarity.

JOIN US on the 10th of June in Brussels!
More information and programme coming soon!