This consultation should give the possibility to everybody to express their opinions on three aspects of transparency in the European Union:
1. Transparency and Interest Representation: this part will underpin a debate on lobbying activities in the EU
2. The Commission's minimum standards for consultation: this part will provide a structured framework for feedback on the application of the standards.
3. Publication of Data on Beneficiaries of EU Funds: this part will launch a debate on the disclosure of data about the recipients of various EU funds managed by the Commission in partnership with Member States, notably the Structural Funds and Common Agricultural Policy.

The 2 first aspects in particular closely concern CECOP and its members in their lobbying activities. It would be very useful to send our contribution. All practical information, the access to the document, and notably the “Green paper” which is a basis for the consultation are available by clicking here.

On the methodology, we propose the following working plan:
1. You will send us your possible suggestions and comments on the issues you may consider as important to develop: before 7 July.
2. On this basis, the secretariat will write a draft general proposal that will be sent to you on 15 July
3. We will wait for your comments until 15 August
4. The text will be then finalised and sent to the Commission This stand is drafted in the name of CECOP.

It means that it will not mention any interest problems common to every organisation.

Thus, it would be useful to adapt this text according to your specific needs. All the more, the Commission is becoming more sensitive to the number of contributions they receive.