CECOP’s network includes non-banking financial institutions geared towards the entrepreneurial development of cooperatives. Some of them are entirely dedicated to our cooperative sector (such as CFI, Coopfond and SOCODEN), while others are also involved in other cooperative sectors (such as Fondosviluppo) or even other social economy sectors (such as ESFIN-IDES, and Coop Est).

They also intervene according to different modalites, such as the cooperativisation of enterprises in crisis, enterprise start-ups, enterprise development and modernisation. They use different financial instruments, such as subordinated loans, risk capital, participatory bonds, or guarantee funds.

More importantly perhaps, none of them are purely ‘financial’ organisations: they all have a critical follow up and advisory role: in this sense, they are full-fledged development organisations, in full support of the employment creation and social inclusion mission of worker and social cooperatives and other types of worker-owned enterprises.

The following organisations are part of the CECOP’s network :
- Coopfond 
- Fondosviluppo
- SOCODEN and other CG Scop’s financial instruments