Every year, the exhibition is the largest presentation of products, work and services of member co-operative societies, affiliated to the Slovak Union of Producer Co-operatives.

Traditionally, its international character is being given by the participation of foreign exhibitors: representatives of the Union of Czech and Moravian Producer Cooperatives and the National Auditing Union of Worker Cooperatives from Warsaw.

This year, for the first time, Mr Kumar, chairman of the Croatian Association of Veteran's Cooperatives took part in the exhibition , where he presented interests to establish the cooperation also in this field for the future period. In total , this year's fair was visited by 79 co-operatives that presented and sold their products and services in the independent and joint expositions, eventually through the consumer co-operative society COOP Jednota, based in Nitra.

Fashions shows of textile and garment cooperatives societies, the rich sports and cultural programmes and many other accompagnying events were integral part of this year's exhibition as well.

At the occasion of international contract and sale exhibition COOPEXPO 2006, the joint stand of the Co-operative Union of the Slovak Republic and the Slovak Union of Producer Co-operatives was the place where the meeting of top representatives of the Slovak Union of Producer Co-operatives, Union of Czech and Moravian Producer Cooperatives, National Auditing Union of Worker Cooperatives from Warsaw and the Croatian Federation of Veteran's Co-operatives was held.

During their informal meeting, representatives of individual federations and associations discussed the possibilities of further co-operation, both at the level of single federations and associations and that of member co-operatives but also in the field of extension of mutual co-operation and their procedure at the joint presentation in the framework of international exhibitions and fairs.

As stated at the end of the session, the participation in such joint events is the platform for experience exchange and the development of the most effective cooperation at the international level.