COOPROUTE. The european route of cooperative culture

Cooproute, the European Route of Cooperative Culture, is an innovative transnational product in the field of cultural and industrial tourism launched in September 2013 in the framework of a project co-founded by the European Union. This route is composed by cooperatives which are deeply rooted in the local territory, especially those run by young people, whose economic activities contribute to preserve and develop the local cultural and industrial heritage, being attractive from a point of view of tourism.

In addition, other destinations that best illustrate the culture and values of the cooperative movement are part of the itinerary, such as the Rochdale Pioneers Museum in the UK, which is considered to be the birthplace of the modern cooperative movement. The interactive guide of Cooproute was launched on October 2014.

The guide is a dynamic tool allowing people to discover and visit destinations that joined the itinerary and provide a learning cooperative experience. The launch of the Cooproute project in 2013 was co-financed by the European Commission, in the framework of the Call for proposals 44G/ENT/PPA/12/6460 “Cooperation projects to create transnational tourism products based on cultural and industrial heritage”.

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