After 70 years since its creation, the cooperative is still an important and emblematic supplier in this field. Far from typical chain production, the uniforms are tailor-made for each individual with most tasks being performed manually to guarantee a quality result. This type of production requires high specialization and experience of the workers.

Today the cooperative takes part in tenders organized by important public and private institutions, wanting to provide their employees with uniforms (for officers, guards, etc.),protection equipment, and uniforms for workers in public service, such as hospitals, canteens etc.

Behind the curtains

With 100% workers’ membership into the cooperative, Muncă și Artă employs about 100 people, 90% of which are women. Most of them began to work in the cooperative since its foundation and have a strong attachment to the cooperative, which guaranteed them a stable job, a fair salary and a full participation in the decision-making process for all these years.

"I'm proud of the cooperative I work for, because it gave me job security and peace of mind in the family. I have good colleagues and my point of view is always taken into account. That is why, from the bottom of my heart, I supported my daughter’s decision to work at the cooperative at the end of University, to continue the tradition and activities of our enterprise,” says Ecaterina Calitoiu, Head of Unit in the Cooperative.


Members of the cooperative hold at least 2 general assemblies per year and monthly meetings of the board are organized in order to discuss the daily management.

While inter-generational transmission of this particular know-how might represent a challenge in the whole European craft industry in the near future, the expertise, acquired by the Muncă și Artă workers over the years, guarantees the cooperative’s competitiveness and sustainability until today. 

The cooperative Muncă și Artă is affiliated to the National Union of Handicraft and Production Co-operatives of Romania (UCECOM) which represents the interest of worker cooperatives in Romania. UCECOM is member of CECOP since 1992.