Address: European Cooperative House
Avenue Milcamps 105, 1030 Brussels, Belgium
Telephone: +32 2 543 1033
Email: cecop@cecop.coop

USIS Cooperative, France

How to become a member

Conditions for admission:

1. To become a member of CECOP – CICOPA Europe an organization has to be affiliated to CICOPA first.
Not a member of CICOPA yet? You can apply here

2. Who can become a member of CECOP – CICOPA Europe:

a. Legally constituted national organizations representing at national level workers’ cooperatives, social cooperatives and all the other forms of social enterprises characterized by a majority participation of the workers in the management and ownership of the enterprise; and, any other type of cooperatives in conformity with CICOPA rules and definition (see art. 1.3. of the CICOPA rules and Art. VI of the ICA rules).

b. Institution whose mission is to support the creation and development of cooperatives under category a.

c. Sectoral organizations of full member organizations.

d. Organizations representing neither workers cooperatives (as defined in the World Declaration of Worker Cooperatives) nor social cooperatives (as defined in the World standards on Social Cooperatives)

Category a) can apply for the status of FULL MEMBER
Category b), c) and d) can apply for the status of ASSOCIATE MEMBER

3. Organization requesting membership must send the complete list of the following documents to CECOP – CICOPA Europe by mail or postal letter:

1. A letter signed by the main legal representative of your organization addressed to both CICOPA President, Manuel Mariscal and CECOP – CICOPA Europe President, Giuseppe Guerini stating that:

a) Your organization applies for both CICOPA and CECOP – CICOPA Europe membership;

b) Your organization commits itself to abiding by:

  • The ICA Statement on the Cooperative Identity available here
  • The CICOPA World Declaration on Worker Cooperatives available here;
  • The CICOPA World Standard of Social Cooperatives available here;
  • The CICOPA Rules available here;
  • The CECOP – CICOPA Europe Statute (see below);
  • The CECOP – CICOPA Europe membership fee system (see extract of CECOP bye-laws below).

c) Your organization is either a member of the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA), or a member of a member of the ICA, or commits itself to either (solution a) apply for membership of the ICA or (solution b) apply to be a member of a member of the ICA.

2. A copy of your organization’s statutes.

3. A copy of your organization’s last annual activity report or founding statement.

4. The filled in application form (see below).

All requests for membership will be examined by the CECOP Board.