Address: European Cooperative House
Avenue Milcamps 105, 1030 Brussels, Belgium
Telephone: +32 2 543 1033
Email: cecop@cecop.coop


What is InvestEU?

20 December 2018

InvestEU could be an excellent tool for creating jobs and strengthening the competitiveness of (...)

Promoting the Pillar of Social Rights with the Spanish civil society

17 December 2018

On the 10th of December in Madrid, CECOP and its Spanish member COCETA, Spanish confederation (...)

CECOP & COCETA to hold a public conference on the European Pillar of Social Rights

6 December 2018

On the 10th of December in Madrid, CECOP and our Spanish member COCETA will hold a public (...)

How worker and social cooperatives contribute to social inclusion of young people

6 December 2018

Young people face the risk of poverty and social exclusion in Europe much more than other (...)

The Future of EU policies for the Social Economy: towards a European Action Plan

23 November 2018

"Social Economy Europe" issued its Action Plan, as a result of a work started at the Social (...)

Of hearts and minds: the example of social agriculture in Italy at the European Parliament

23 October 2018

If you have not heard of social agriculture and social farming, it is high time to catch up, (...)

XI Conference on Social Economy in Poland (OSES)

17 October 2018

On 15 October 2018 in Poland, for the 11th time, Members of Permanent Meeting of Social Economy (...)

Better Jobs and Better Future: What cooperatives can do for young people?

15 October 2018

CECOP-CICOPA Europe has decided to give a voice directly to young people and those working with (...)

R2G meeting in Milan

5 October 2018

Do the governance models of Social Enterprises differ across European countries? Is there a (...)

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