Address: European Cooperative House
Avenue Milcamps 105, 1030 Brussels, Belgium
Telephone: +32 2 543 1033
Email: cecop@cecop.coop


Two new post-graduate faculties in "cooperative management" to open in Poland

18 July 2018

CECOP's member NAUWC (National Auditing Union of Workers’ Cooperatives) started cooperation with (...)

Outlandish: living and sharing a transformative approach to tech business

12 July 2018

Outlandish is a London based digital agency working on “technology that makes the world a (...)

CECOP recommendations at European Commission’s conference on partnerships between the social economy and “traditional (...)

6 July 2018

CECOP – CICOPA Europe was invited by the European Commission (EC), DG GROWTH, to contribute to (...)

CECOP was in Sofia to defend a more social Europe

17 April 2018

CECOP has been asking for a more social Europe for years, and the Pillar of Social Rights is (...)

CECOP – CICOPA EUROPE and CICOPA appoint Diana Dovgan as Secretary General

22 February 2018

The Boards of the two organisations have appointed Diana Dovgan, CECOP – CICOPA Europe’s and (...)

In the digital economy, co-ops provide meaning to workers

7 February 2018

Giuseppe Guerini, President of CECOP - CICOPA Europe, addressed the European Parliament on (...)

How do cooperatives and SEE contribute to the integration of migrants?

2 February 2018

In the framework of the ongoing opinion "Social Economy Enterprises (SEE) as a driver for (...)

Workshop on personal and household services

29 January 2018

On 25 January CECOP organized with CAAP a workshop in Maribor (Slovenia) on personal and (...)

CECOP’s position to the public consultation on a possible EU action addressing the challenges of access to social (...)

15 January 2018

CECOP welcomes the European Commission’s attention to the matter and support the idea to (...)

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